Book Review: Moth Smoke (2000)

Mohsin Hamid

Let me be frank and perfectly honest that I am not a novel reader. But I began reading novel since Mira Nair revealed her intentions to make a movie on a novel written by a Pakistani writer. When I read the title of book, it blew my mind. When I read its synopsis, it crew my find. My first novel-reading was Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist. And I realized it was a perfect choice to begin novel-reading.

Now I have read the second novel, also written by the same guy, with the impression that the writing will again be cardinal. Moth Smoke was Mohsin Hamid’s first book and published back in 2000. The amazing feature of the writing truly is the expression of words one can sung the reality and stink the brutality. He will mesmerize you the way he reviews the nature, the lifestyle of Lahore and the beauty of feminine. The way things began flowing from a smashing scene to a melo-rythmic scene is very dramatic and hectic.

Set in the late 90’s of Lahore during the times of Indo-Pak nuclear tests, a drug addicted guy loses his job and enters in a love affair of his best friend’s wife. Life is effed up, financially he is getting low, starving of job and getting more hungry of sex. It is a tremendous attempt of explaining a human psychology the way when things go wrong and misery propels you to commit wrong.

The best part is the impression you get from the writer being his first manuscript, how nurtured his pen grows to talk his story. The vocabulary of words and picking the lines to dramatize the scene and bring his nostalgia at any moment is very lively, choosy and natural.

Creativity is astounding as the core characters are Mughal-era-tically named. Then the explanation of each character is beyond the reality. Things work at ease for Mohsin, as the 245-pages book is an easy read and comprehensive divided into 17 chapters. Tumultuous applause for the writer!!

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