The Jewish Messi-ahh

During the genocides happening in Palestine and Syria, during the cruelty and offences done by Netanyahu’s regime, during the late stages of the football world cup and during the holy month of Ramadan; Argentina football team captain Leo Messi is shown worshiping in Israel and many Argentina and Leo Messi haters are calling him Jew and pro-Israel.

Jew Messi and pro-Israeli!!!
Jew Messi and pro-Israeli!!!


Most of the people, who are getting convinced of such false propaganda, those who are asking me on Facebook and by different sources, taunting me for my countless love for Argentina/Messi, let me ask some questions to the readers:

1) Barcelona team visited Israel in 2013. Why it took a year at this moment to remind that Leo Messi was worshiping in Israel???

2) Most of Barcelona supporters surely know that back in May 2013, FCB announced to visit at football clinics for children in both Israel and Palestine. The initiative was called ‘FC Barcelona Peace Tour’. So why is only the Israeli side shown in the propaganda?

Why is this official link completely ignored??

3) The propaganda shows Leo Messi because unarguably he is the strongest market and shall I say Jesus to Argentina football team. If nowadays football lovers are mostly following Argentina, the sole reason is Leo Messi. With the worst happenings in Palestine and Syria, Messi is the target to create hatred among the football fans. One should know that another Argentine, Javier Mascherano play for Argentina and did participated in Middle Peace Tour. So why not he is the target? For obvious reasons that the conspiracy won’t work.

Is that Mascherano???
Is that Mascherano???

4) Ok let me agree for a moment that Messi is Jew and he is anti-Palestine anti-Arab bla bla bla, so that convincingly mean that he won’t benefit them and only support Israeli Jews right???? So why did he recently joined Qatar-based Telecommunication company Ooredoo as its brand ambassador??? :S

Couple of months ago, Ooredoo launched its first-ever global communication campaign with Leo Messi as its brand ambassador as the company reached out to football fans and social media enthusiasts across its footprint in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

That ad of Ooredoo we are watching daily on Bein Sports featuring Messi.

5) Why in the pictures Messi is shown holding a t-shirt written ‘Stand with Israel’??? Did someone even bothered to google the truth???

Even that is FAKE
Even that is FAKE

6) Messi shaking Netanyahu’s hand??? Why not bother to google if Barcelona and Leo Messi ever met Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas????

Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas and Barcelona Team
Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas and Barcelona Team


7) Barcelona visited Palestine on Aug.3 2013 and then to Israel. FCB official website even presented a video, also in Youtube.


What I believe is that this is all German propaganda!!! I am not blaming all Germans but only those specific Germans, who are pulling his pants down and spreading ignorance among Argentina lovers and the football loving Muslims….

Now readers will ask me how come I blame Germans for that propaganda?? So who else than?? Are our senses really begin to stop working??? Don’t we really know in 21st century that in which country were 5-7 Million Jews killed?????

The biggest disappointment is that most of the readers get convince with what they read, what they see and what they hear instead of researching on their own. I am a lifetime-supporter of Argentina football and Leo Messi, it is very important to inform the readers what is correct and what is wrong.

Being a Muslim, I do am really hurt of the genocide happening in Palestine and Syria but that doesn’t mean to bring a false conspiracy/propaganda to deceive the people.

Iftaar time, May Allah keep all of you safe and in peace.

#vamosargentina #vivaleomessi

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8 thoughts on “The Jewish Messi-ahh”

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  3. i have read all of that now i wanna tell u something.. firstly in that article it is mentioned that why v people have brought up the issue of messi visiting isareel after an year!! tou this is the tym wen fotball is on peak because of all the footbal lovers have their statuses saying love messi and etc!! these r the days wen people have footbal on their minds!! that is why this issue is brought up after an year!! then secondly it is mentioned that they went for so called peace tour.. so just to remind u these peace talks means that the opressor and opressed were to brought under one table which is stupid as israeel even dont recognize palestine independant!! n it was just to show the word that this all mess done by israeel can be solved by dialogues!! are u kidding me that the death of millions can be conpensated with just dialouges!! this was objected by Solidarity Network Against the Occupation of Palestine (RESCOP), made up of 38 organisations in the Spanish state including BDS Catalonia. they launched an launched a petition on asking Barça not to play in Israel. The petition, published in six languages received around 2400 signatures from all over the world these matches were cancelled bt then it was decided to hold sports clinics which obviously had the same these sports clinics had a reason as Israel uses this kind of initiative politically to project an international image as a “normal” state which seeks “peace” while daily carrying out its everyday policies which systematically violate International Law and the Human Rights of the Palestinian people. then it is written that why v r only targetting messi!! now i wanna tell u that v r agaist evryone eg neymar is in them!! u r talking about oreedo which is in qatar i vil tell u about pepsi which is much closer!! u c messi in its add as well so what!! u know somethinh is called publicity!! this man messi is popular throughout the world so whythey would not approach him.. it is called buisness for ur kind information!! inthis artice there was nothing about shalit an isareeli soldier who was invited by barcelona as a vip in the match against real madrid!! it is also true that they invited sarsak who was a football before getting arrested by israeelians for 4 years for doing nothing!! this was only to tel that they both are equal to which sarsak replied as “I officially recieved an invitation today from Barcelona but I will not attend the Clasico because I refuse the comparison of my case to the case of Gilad Shalit. I carry a message of love and peace and he carries a message of war and killing. I was arrested because I love football and he got arrested because he was killing people!”!! u so i think who so ever posted this article is just a obsessed fan of messi!!

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    1. like I said people who are convinced of false conspiracy will only see one side of the coin… in the very same sense, i think who so ever wrote comment on this article is just an obsessed hater of messi!! thanks for the read and ramadan kareem :)


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