THE ART OF WAR – Paris Attack & the Proxy War

Predictions can meet your opinions and social media brains can vow the lost words framed in the past. It is an emotional rectifying bond of unheard whispers with uninvited gunshots. So when the music is loud, you are at temporary betrayal of daunting hope…

Unheard of your cost, the weapons had its say and the case was dismissed in the court of shadows. When bad things happen, word of mouth has no protection. The reason why yours and mine opinion differ is because we use our own brains for the textures to follow, to the faith we believe and methods we retrieve. Same methods are voiced to the readers and listeners, they tweet you and become a league. From here, if brain was wrong that day, you cannot expect the league today has its ideal foundation towards the solution. It will certainly drive a wrong road. Non-classified u-turn is unhygienic for melting egos.

A Friday night of many thousands of travelers, visitors, spectators, musical ear-folkers, sports-addict and concertgoers met their horrors in major European city – Paris. Gunfire and blasts were heard and the terror was installed by night. A series of mass shootings and suicide bombings has so far caused lives of 130 civilians and gashed around 350 others.

Locations were;

1) La Belle Equipe – A very popular Bistro, which was of full capacity when the shootings happened and killed at least 12. One witness said that the shooting at this site lasted for three minutes!

2) Le Carillon/Le Petit Cambodge – Former is café-bar and latter is a Cambodian restaurant. Both are located directly opposite to 408-year-old Saint-Louis Hospital. So far at least 12 are reportedly dead.

3) La Casa Nostra pizzeria – at this location is reported that a man with a machine gun fired on its terrace and killed 5 people.

4) Stade de France – creates massive center of media attraction due to the fact that a friendly football match between France and Germany was played and three explosions were heard after 30 minutes of the first half. The detail more worth is that French president Francois Hollande was seated there. He was rushed to safety after the second explosion.

5) Bataclan Theatre – this site is the deadliest of all attacks. US rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing in front of 1500 fans. During this time, four attackers entered from the back and began shooting. More than 80 people were killed and this attack lasted 20 minutes.

There were eight attackers, out of which four attacked the Bataclan (three committed suicide and one was killed). The other three committed suicide outside the football stadium and the eight one outside the Bataclan. Witnesses have heard their voices and claim they roared takbir by shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ meaning “God is Great” in English. Witnesses also heard the attackers blaming the president intervening matters about Syria which explains the terror attacks were done by ISIS.

The president has declared state of emergency for the first time since 2005 and the tragedy is termed the deadliest of attacks in Europe since Madrid Bombings in 2004. Paris had suffered Charlie Hebdo attacks in the beginning of the year and now new wounds will create perpetual havoc among the local citizens and viewers around the world for the people following Islamic faith & discipline. More will misunderstand, hatred will born and Islamophobia will spread. More strict laws for/against Muslims will be applied.

France itself is not ignorant / innocent to the fact that Muslims comprise almost 10% of its total population and has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe alone. Muslim population in France is mostly immigrants, specifically from Algeria and Morocco.


Time has elapsed from its capacity to make people understand what brings hate, enrages and creates war. When I hear ‘War on Terror’, it looks like a joke towards nature. Terror itself is slave towards the misled and misguided egos. When I travel time and study the whys and hows of some great wars, I see no terror but egos. But even in those days, the blame game was not on religion but the people who followed the religion.



Now almost every single terror attack is connected towards Islam, thanks to the western media highlighting the religion of the attacker more than his mental state and life origins. Schools of thoughts with the recent Paris attacks among people of different faiths will again emphasize by connecting the religion with the political situation in the middle-east. Many Muslims will even stretch their anger by accusing media for playing dirty games of covering Paris attacks more than highlighting the holocausts and genocides in Palestine and Syria occurring almost every day.

Disgrace of amusement is the War on Terror itself is terrorism when $4.4 trillion are damn wasted for the cause of eradicating terrorism by invasion and inviting more death trolls than ever. It is extremely hard to believe that Iraq currently being among top three countries with most terror attacks, had no terror attack in their history before the invasion 12 years ago!




In past four years, there have now been terror attacks by either suicide bombings or mass shootings in France, US and some failed attempts in UK. In April.2013, world witnessed bombings in Boston when Boston Marathon was organized and explosion of two pressure-cooker bombs injured 260 people with 3 casualties. This attack was performed by Tsarnaev brothers from Kyrgyzstan, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan. Some reports say that Tsarnaev brothers were inspired listening the lectures of Anwar al-Awlaki.

Now who is Awlaki? This guy was described by al-Arabiya network as Internet Bin Laden. He was US-born Yemeni lecturer whose lectures encouraged many youth towards Islamic extremism through his blog, YouTube and Facebook pages. He was a senior recruiter involved in planning terrorist attacks for al-Qaeda and contributed many lectures for al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine. He was killed in 2011 in Yemen by US drone strikes. His lectures influenced many the-then future terrorists like Quazi Nafis, Adel Daoud, Abu Khalid Abdul Latif, Faisal Shahzad and Nidal Hasan.

These attacks in Boston and now in Paris within four years with the rise of the so-called caliphate under the name ISIS convinces me that these attacks were planned at least five years ago under the leadership capacity of the man whose name has been the curse under the killings of at least 250 thousand of his own people by chemical weapons, barrel bombs and by many ways – Bashar al-Assad.



How Bashar al-Assad? Now read my first line of the blog. The attacks remind me of a video I watched on YouTube. Four years ago, a massive threat to US and Europe was delivered on attacks at Syria. The guy clearly stated that the moment Syria suffers first missile attack, the sons and daughters of Lebanon and Syria will become suicide-bombers in Europe and Palestine. He further threatened that he will prepare martyrdom-seekers among them and not to think the attacks on France, US and UK will be done by Arabs and Muslims. The guy who threatened was Ahmed Badreddin Hassoun, the Grand Mufti of Syria since 2005.

Hassoun is considered one of the biggest supporters of Bashar al-Assad and is his political advisor. Assad is in power since his father’s death back in 2000. He defended Assad’s regime in his interview with Al-Jazeera in 2011. He has openly criticized Saudi govt and policies many times. Having advisory status under Assad, this is very precise to convince mine and your opinion that the video of his threat was clear intention of building a colony of massacre and creating a syndrome among the confound state of libertarians, conservatives, pluralists and anti-Semites.

Since 9/11, one country has been a central figure in many major Middle-East political crisis and connects many bridges towards the secret war strategies among the Americans, EUs specifically Russians – Iran. And Khamenei-led Iran will always have strong political bond with Assad’s regime due to the fact that both belong to Twelver school of Shia. al-Assad family are Alawites from the Twelver school who came from Qardaha region from the Kalbiyya tribe dominated by obviously Alawites. Alawite sect was founded by Ibn Nusayr (not to confuse with Musa bin Nusayr) who was Persian and disciple of tenth and eleventh imam of Twelver shia.

Kalbiyya tribe is sub-divided into Matawira, Haddadin, Khayyatin and Kalbiyya. Interestingly when Nazim al-Kudsi’s presidential power was seized by the Syrian Regional Branch, three key figures had powerfully managed a successful coup d’état; Muhammad Umran from Khayyatin, Salah Jadid from Haddadin, and and and Hafez al-Assad from Kalbiyya, father of Bashar al-Assad.

Amazingly Alawites comprise only hardly 10% of Syrian population. So Assad’s regime controls 74% of Sunni Syrian majority (12% of Kurds/Turks are mostly Sunnis in Syria). So without a doubt, Assad-Khamenei are perfect match to shape an abominable body composed of Hydragen from that extremist league which displays hatred and madness in the name of God and Islam.




Recent attacks in Paris will give Iran upper hand in stabilizing a bargaining power whenever Iran’s President Rouhani visit the postponed tour of France any week. Plus the critics will take the opportunity to dismantle ISIS in their opinions as the precise threat towards the global village of supposed-to-be peace and solidarity due to the physical existence of this ISIS which will ease to keep the ‘Butcher of Baghdad’ appear as lesser evil which is also the priority of Khamenei’s regime to protect their strategic ally.

Meanwhile the general anti-Assad public will hope the fate of Assad to fall in same category as Invasion of Iraq/ousting of Saddam, Libyan Civil War/capture of Qaddafi, and Tahrir Square revolution of Egypt resulting in ousting and later on trials of the-then Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. And that will make the common man of word to declare the US government as the ass savior of the people against their dictators. Whereas the US are providing air cover to Assad’s regime and Iran’s Shia proxies to Iraqi government, whose number of forces widely range between 25-30K including very few Iraqi soldiers associated with Shitte militia groups operating under the banner of PMU (Population Mobilization Units). 

Now who are PMUs? They are Iranian proxies in Iraq which was founded after Ali Sistani issued fatwa. They are ground proxies who are fighting ISIS in Iraq but FSA in Syria but but but they report direct to IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, not to mix with Sinestro Corps). When I say Khamenei’s Iran has a part in shaping ISIS, another logic of interest is that ISIS plot their terror attacks in any country they want but not in ————- Iran??

When we observe the ongoing crisis and most possible or shall I say precise strategies between the aforementioned names, also one should consider the internal political bonds or consistent Yes-Nos between Sistanis in Iraq and Khameneis of Iran. Basically Sistanis are Iranis and Ali Sistani is Iran-born who migrated in Iraq half a century ago where he get his religious education from world-famous Twelver Shia scholar al-Khoei. Sistani did issue fatwa for Iraqis but being a marja, he didn’t call for any ‘Jihad’ in Syria, meanwhile Khamenei has political power and money enough to recruit well-trained armed forces that are ready to die under his name.

The attacks on Boston, Paris, Beirut, Nigeria and many more are a well-organized terror attack plotted under the shades of the drawn maps between war strategic allies and ground/air proxies to raise small but prominent battles of blood, egos, faiths and socio.economic disparities. The dirty games played by the ISIS will be encouraged till the regime of Assad meets either downfall/ousting or coup d’état by yet another good or bad revolution. With heavy funding on arm and manpower provided by Putin’s Russia, air cover by Obama’s US, and Persian-Arab dispute played by Khamenei’s Iran, this open-secret proxy war will continue for long.

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In person, I am very disappointed and feel very sorry to know the horrifying tragedy the Parisians have met. Those who have been killed in the attacks are in my thoughts. Not only those killed in the Paris attacks, but every person disregarding the faith he/she followed who is killed every single day in terror attacks happening in any part of the world. They are the God’s creatures and it is not the humans but God who give and take our souls. The terrorists involved in any terrorism around the world belong to no religion. I am a Muslim who believe on the powerful words of God in the holy book of Quran where He clearly states that killing a soul is like killing the whole mankind and saving a soul is like saving the whole mankind (5:32).