Film Review: M Cream (2016)

M Cream is indiehippie road trippie of two youngsters who are a traggic signal in a hopeless route leading towards chaos. It is a journey leading towards the clouds of heaven.
Figaro is a non-conformist and a rebel without a cause who tries to fix the puzzles of his existence after his conservative parents have begun shaping his future. Jay is a voice of revolution and anti-establishment student. Along with them, two more friends join the road trip in pursuit of a mythical drug called M Cream to Himachal Pradesh.
The trip is not just a trip but an opportunity for the travellers to dig the philosophical roots of life who questions the caricature of individuality, zodiacs of hope, gashes of rebellion, and cursing religions on the chessboard. Somehow Figs (Figaro) and Jay match their identities and together figures out why peace cannot overtake the corrupted powers when their strive towards a cause goes all in vain in the upheaval.
The major aspect of this particular travel film is that the director enchants the Figs-Jay chemistry with the smart blending of literary affection and emotional gravitation. The catchy parts of the film are the conversations between any of the two. In terse, marvellous dialogues! The excessive use of high-quality Urdu and English vocabulary multiplying with joint smoking makes sense.
M Cream is a convincing hippie film which encourages the generation of the millennials by ignoring the chaos in the surrounding and breath the alfresco to enjoy freedom. The director emphasises on the use of drugs and alcohol, and play a fair game of love and sex.
Many scenes are exceptional and turn your brain into building a theory. There is a scene where Figs being religiously discouraged argues with a man who is strict to principles of faith. Both have strong points and the liberal viewers are the best judges. In some other scene, Figs-Jay meets a French journalist-come-activist who fights for the villagers whose land will be seized to build a resort in the name of development. Her struggle for the cause is what leads to pave way for the peace seekers.
In technicality, M Cream is superior. Film editing, screenplay and cinematography are brilliant. Imaad Shah as Figaro is very impressive and Ira Dubey as Jay is average. Yes, the film is a little slow in pace to the script but maintains a decent storytelling. Music score by Studio Fuzz is ear soothing.
M Cream is a wonderful project. In last, what I can say is that sometimes being a rebel is so romantic.
Ratings: 8.2/10
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