Film Review: Love Hostel (2022)

Ahmed and Jyoti have eloped and decided to court marriage because of obvious reasons. The court rules to produce a letter of approval from both of their families when they show up in the court a week later. Until then, they live in a district-safe home. But to their horror, a hunter is assigned to kill them.

I think Love Hostel is quite a lengthy film for such an ordinary story that cannot be stretched to play the film for 100 minutes. It is a chase film that offers not enough thickness of the plot. The film runs on survival with a couple of understood predictions. But I must say that the film ended well.

Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra have given a fair performance but it is Bobby Deol whose horrifying psycho stature made his role impressive. He looked off-beat but that is how his character was. A mercenary on a mission to eradicate debauchery.

Love Hostel deserved better writing. This film kept running and didn’t lose breath. And because it didn’t stop running, the makers could not develop the characters. This film was about honor killing and with that plot, the makers messed up in scriptwriting.

Ratings: 3/10